2.9 Million Banking Customers Targeted in an Internal Data Breach

It has been reported that Desjardins Group, the largest federation of credit unions in North America has suffered a major data breach affecting up to 2.9 million banking customers. A significant amount of sensitive personal data has been targeted and may now be in the hands of criminals. The alarming factor about this incident is the fact that this hack was carried out by none other than a disgruntled employee within their IT department.

As is the case of many “insider” security violations, it has taken the bank over 6 months to discover this data breach. Unfortunately, while IT departments continue to strengthen their defenses against external threats, insider actions are often overlooked, consequently still leaving them wide open to harmful data breaches and regulatory non compliance penalties. This is very concerning considering the number of “connected” devices (such as the office printers and MFD) often left unmanaged.

To ensure a 360 degree data protection strategy, organizations need to understand the importance of also looking inwards when it comes to data security and protection planning. This includes tracking and preventing potentially confidential data from being printed before it is too late. To assist in this task, introduce your customers to FollowMe® by Ringdale®, the leading enterprise class security solution, which has been featured in the latest 2019 Quocirca Security Report.

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SOURCE Ringdale

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