As-A-Service Model – 35% Say It’s Area Of Focus

In this fifth part of our series reviewing the Quocirca Global Print 2025 research, we look at the as-a-service model and why 35% of respondents considered this to be an area of focus and change for the future of the print industry.

By TOMÁŠ VAŠÍČEK, Y Soft  – The drive for organizations to cut costs and increase efficiency is a common thread in all digital transformation journeys, including the increasing popularity and transition towards the as-a-service model. The increase in connectivity, innovation and collaboration leads naturally away from the purchase of hardware, software or IT solutions outright, and creates a contractual shift whereby organizations can rent and pay per use or time-period, in a comparable way to leasing a car.

This cost model change is highly successful as it allows organizations to release CAPEX and replace it with the flexibility of OPEX. Spreading out the payments across the term of the agreement ensures that organizations can reap the full technological benefits with a lower initial investment. Moving to such a subscription model allows organizations to not only eliminate the requirements for financing costs, but also offers considerable cost savings.

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