Xerox researchers lead the way

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When the numbers are tallied at the end of each year, the patent data shows that Xerox Corp. is one of the world’s most prolific research organizations. In 2013, Xerox was granted 1,013 new patents, and the Fuji Xerox joint venture produced an additional 800.

Collectively, that’s a staggering amount of new innovation. But it’s easy to lose sight of the individual inventors behind those numbers, some of whom have been remarkably prolific in their own right.

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Jin Wu, a senior research scientist and project leader in the Xerox Consumables Development and Manufacturing Group, got his 300th patent earlier this year. He’s added more than a dozen more patents since then, and has perhapsseveral hundreds patent applications pending. He’s so prolific, that any attempt to nail down precise numbers is difficult: the numbers can change daily.

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