Calling all Managed Services Experts: WE NEED YOUR ADVICE

As a Managed Service Provider-expert , your opinion is valued.

We are contacting you because we really need your advice regarding managed services and customer support, including your own reactions and experiences.

As mentioned previously these answers from our invited experts are important questions. Issues that many managers and organizations, that deliver managed services need to understand and resolve. You will therefore receive a copy of our findings and analysis after the results are processed.  We will also share with you our 5 tips to lower costs (€6K per engineer in the field per year) as a BONUS.

Find out if you qualify for free access to our software (for 2 months) because of your expert participation. This will allow us to further refine our offering and make it more relevant.

If you are a Managed Services Expert, and especially if you are a Service Leader / Manager:

When it comes to retaining and delighting a managed service customer, what is the single biggest frustration or challenge you are struggling with?

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With a market full of MPS offerings, what’s next?