The Six People You Can Expect to See at the Office Printer

Every company or workgroup has them – unique employees who have a particular affinity for the office printer or All-in-One. Do you recognize anyone?

The Owner
This person uses the All-in-One for every project and has come to believe they own the technology. They give great side-eye to anyone approaching and are known to say things like “send it to my printer” or “you can scan that on my All-in-One” routinely in meetings and conversations. But good luck finding them when it comes time to refill the paper.

The Over-sharer
This person doesn’t trust email or shared servers and prints every email, memo, research brief and invoice, hoarding them in binders and drawers at their desks. They can be heard saying “I’ll make sure you get a copy” in every conversation. Befriend the Over-sharer as they will have a backup you may need at a crucial moment. You can help them be more efficient with a printer or all-in-one that is equipped with automatic two-sided printing.

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