5 Key Takeaways from a 19 Year Old Who Spent the Summer Learning about Bundled Billing

Bundling is like a Cruise

By Sidney Scott, GreatAmerica – Hear me out! Imagine for a moment that you are on a cruise. You, the office equipment dealer, are the cruise director, and your finance company is the cruise ship. Your vacation includes four islands in seven days made possible by a stunning ship which doubles as transportation and a place to sleep. To make this possible for your customer, you first need to line up a flight from their location to yours, and for this example, your customer does not need a connecting flight.

You were able to provide them a single direct flight to the dock location, and now that your customer is there, it’s time for the cruise to set sail. And what a great experience those seven days were: your customer saved time and so did you. Their extensive traveling was accomplished in one week and for one price.

You didn’t have to collect their money every time you went to a new island. They didn’t need four separate flights or four separate vacations. A cruise made everything simple and easy, and so can bundled billing.

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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