Scripting and Connectivity with Umango

The Problem:

Imagine walking into an office and having a handful of documents on your desk that need to be stored into your companies document management system. You will then undergo the elongated process of scanning the papers to an email from the email they will then save them to a folder, and from there direct the file to the proper location within the document management system. What if this whole process could be streamlined just by the click of a button at the device. Don’t let the aches and pains of going through such a tedious process get in the way of the important work that needs to be accomplished.

The Solution: 

Umango has created a multitude of solutions to help its end users connect into their DMS in one fast, easy, and painless process. Whether it be through an integrated connector, ODBC, scripting or creating XML files, Umango has made life a whole lot easier when it comes to filing away documents. Here is a quick summary of the different methods that can be used and their different approaches in storing documents.

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SOURCE ecoprintQ

An Introduction to Umango from ecoprintQ