In-plant Trend #2 To Address In 2020

Just as the application mix for most in-plants will change so will the perceived value of the in-plant. In our first article about preparing for trends in 2020 we discussed staffing issues and four ways in-plants are addressing this trend. In this article we will discuss how the trends of in-plant’s value will change based on how well the in-plant:

  1. Responds to changing customer needs by adding new products or services or
  2. Supports the addition of new products with the required infrastructure or the services needed to support those new services.

The value of the in-plant may be more accurately called the perceived value because it is subjective and objective. It is not just the price but staff friendliness, problem solving ability, and willingness to “go the extra mile.” Furthermore, the perception of value is different for different in-plants. A transactional in-plant offering billing and statement printing is often valued differently than those that offer more graphic arts applications such as a retail in-plant. In addition, the perceived value can be different for different stakeholders (customers and supervisors). In a University the enrollment department and fundraising department both may value the in-plant but for different results the in-plant’s services deliver based on the services the in-plant is providing the department.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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