Cranel Helps with the Complexity of Document Capture

It used to be that document capture was scanning a piece of paper in a document scanner.  Now sure, that is simplifying all the backend complexity like pulling data off the paper and integrating into applications, however the concept was straight forward.

Today, it is just not paper. We are working with customers who are capturing emails, faxes, mobile data, and data from business applications AND they are not only using document scanners but using multi-function devices, mobile devices, network folder monitoring, etc.   Adding to the complexity you are dealing with questions about integrations with 100’s of applications, including Cloud, CRM, and ERP solutions.

How are you supposed to keep up with all the options?  Well Cranel can help!

Cranel Imaging offers a large variety of distribution ready products and services for Office Equipment Dealers looking to expand their document capture portfolio.  Our knowledgeable sales professionals support you through the sales cycle, with everything from assistance in determining the correct configurations to providing timely quotes for your customers.  And we don’t stop there, our Vendor certified engineers actively work with our Dealers assisting with product installations, upgrades and post-sales support.   Cranel Imaging, Partnering for Success. 

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Cranel has been in the document capture business for over 30 years and has both a knowledge sales and technical support team as well as a robust capture portfolio to support the quickly evolving landscape of document capture.

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