EcoprintQ explains PaperCut MF

EcoprintQ, a major provider of PaperCut has taken the time to explain some of things that make PaperCut MF different than NG. Check out their description:

Extend the print, capture, billing and charge capabilities of PaperCut NG to a self serve environment where users may add value to accounts using integrated hardware, enabling organizations of any size to manage all copying, faxing, scanning and printing produced across their entire multifunctional copier and printer fleets using a single low cost software application.

What’s different about PaperCut MF?

  • PaperCut MF License allows for hardware integration (Account Recharge Stations or Add Value Stations) where users may add cash to their PaperCut Accounts for later copying and printing.
  • PaperCut MF captures “off the glass” walk-up copying using a copier account controller. It supports direct TCP/IP network connection with selected 3rd party hardware terminals, enabling user authentication and access via common card formats including: magnetic stripe (“swipe”) cards, proximity cards, barcode cards and smart cards.
  • PaperCut MF License provides interface for embedded applications that run directly on a multifunctional device, enabling single sign-on using existing domain infrastructure (on selected devices).
  • PaperCut MF provides the option to implement a complete integrated copy and print solution and manage it from within a single mature application.

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