California Consumer Privacy Act – Is Your Organization Compliance Ready?

Understandably with staff now starting to return to their corporate offices, organizations have been focusing their attention on ensuring the workplace is a safe and ‘COVID 19 secure’ environment for their employees. However, alongside this critical issue, it is equally important that organizations review their data security and print policies and ensure their workflows meet all relevant regulatory compliance requirements.

In this current climate, we are more dependent than ever on all things digital and therefore it is vitally important that organizations put the necessary security measures in place so as not to fall prey to cyber security criminals, or open themselves up to compliance breaches.

For those organizations that operate in California, or handle personal data of Californian citizens, this is of particular importance given the recent introduction of the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). While the California Attorney General is responsible for the enforcement of the new CCPA, there is a clause in the act that provides for “a private right of action”. In other words, consumers can bring legal action against organizations directly in cases where there is a theft or disclosure of non-encrypted or non-redacted personal information!

When researching how to help your customers ensure they are CCPA compliant, download this case study which explains how a National Defence Agency protected large volumes of highly sensitive data and achieved regulatory compliance.

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