Quickly and Thoroughly Screen Job Candidates to Help You Avoid Potential Theft, Fraud, Litigation and More

Make more confident hiring decisions from the start

Hiring the right candidate for an open position can be difficult enough without worrying about potential fraud, theft, litigation, turnover, unjustified workers’ compensation claims, and wasted training. Paychex Background Check Services and Paychex Employment Screening Services can help.

  • Background checks and drug testing

Hire potentially safer employees with background information about employee job history, qualifications, and experience, and drug testing as part of a drug-free workplace policy, all through our drug testing and background check services.

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The Skylight® PayOptions™ Program is available at no charge to your business (shipping costs may apply).

Pending card activation and identity verification1, this paycard program provides employees all the conveniences of a debit card while helping you avoid the costs and inconveniences of lost or stolen checks, bank reconciliation of uncashed checks, and fraudulent checks.

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