Why Use Elatec’s TWN4 RFID Reader for Document Management Solutions?

Many organizations are looking into new methods for document management and digital asset tracking. One of the biggest ways to do this is by utilizing a system or software solution that manages, tracks, and analyzes real-time data of documents and digital assets. However, these processes can be greatly improved with the integration of an RFID reader/writer to ensure a more cost-effective approach when saving time and money on business processes.

Elatec’s TWN4 is a universal RFID reader/writer that can be integrated with an array of document management software solutions to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, and lower inventory costs increased accountability. TWN4 is compatible with almost all of the major printer manufacturers like Xerox and HP, and unlike other RFID readers/writers, the TWN4 can be configured by using a contactless card and it can be reconfigured within the field.

One of the key features of the TWN4 is that it is a single part number solution, which makes it more compatible and universal when compared to other readers. It’s more sophisticated because it can be configurable for over 60 different types of card formats, while most readers can only handle one high frequency (HF) or one low frequency (LF) card at a time. This is especially important for companies that use multiple different card technologies across their enterprise, because the TWN4 can simultaneously read multiple card types.

In addition, the TWN4 decreases the risk of embedding a reader inside of an MFD. The reason for this is because it can handle numerous card technologies, so there’s little risk that you will have to disassemble the printer to replace the reader if you encounter a card that’s incompatible and can’t be read.

Integrating the TWN4 with your document management software is the easiest and most cost-effective method for improving document management processes. It gives businesses the added ability to save even more time and money, while increasing productivity and operational efficiency.

If your organization is looking to integrate an RFID reader/writer within your document management solutions, contact Elatec today to find out how we can help. Make sure to check out our website and our YouTube channel for the latest information on the TWN4 reader/writer.

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