Scan, compress, convert and edit your documents with ScanPRO for Ricoh

Digitizing and preserving your physical documents can be very useful for your organization. Whether it is to make documents and information available to others or to set up a solid and organized digital archive. The most important factor in your digitizing process, besides good planning and having a clear idea of what your goal is, is working with the right scan solution.

 Your well-considered choice for digitizing documents

A good scan solution saves time, a lot of time. Besides the possibility to scan batches and getting the best quality, ScanPRO for Ricoh eliminates your time-consuming process of retyping and manually reformatting documents using Optical Character Recognition’s (OCR). Inepro’s new software module converts scanned paper documents, digital images of text and ‘image only PDF files’ into editable and searchable formats.

Search and edit your digitized information

Organizations often need PDF files, digital images of text or ‘image only PDF files’ to be editable for various purposes. ScanPRO for Ricoh will assist you in converting these documents into actionable formats such as DOCX, TIFF, JPG or PNG while retaining the original layout. This enables you to copy text or images from your digitized documents and use these for other purposes. The OCR technology also makes your documents searchable which is very useful when you are looking for specific content in your digital archive. Removing blank pages or changing full color documents into black-and-white is also possible with ScanPRO.

Saving and converting benefits ScanPRO

Another condition for digitizing your documents successfully is where and how you store them. You want your documents to be saved most efficiently in a format of preference and taking as little space as possible. Inepro’s ScanPRO has a compacter way to store documents, compresses every new formatted PDF file and will automatically create multi scan zip files. ScanPRO for Ricoh makes various scan destinations available such as: Home folder or E-mail. ScanPRO also converts e-mails including its attachments.

ScanPRO embedded client for Ricoh

In addition to our high quality ScanPRO solution Inepro also developed a practical designed interface for end users of a Ricoh MFP. Clear directions will invite you to enter commands and start the fast scanning process with one click. Scan, choose your document destination, save your compressed document in the format of choice and edit the text or image if desired. The practical designed interface will guide you through the easy comprehensible and user-friendly process. The ScanPRO embedded client is available for Ricoh SOP and Java.

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