6,281 Data Breach Complaints Have Been Reported

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has only been in force since May 2018 but its impact is being felt by many organizations. Recent figures suggest that organizations are still not compliant with the data privacy regulations and have not implemented sufficient safeguards to protect against data breaches.  According to the latest figures, the number of official complaints registered by individuals, has increased by 160% over the same period last year with financial services, education and healthcare providers topping the complaints list.  In parallel, the number of organizations reporting a data breach continues to rise. To name one example, T-Mobile reported a data breach that affected over 2 million US customers.

Evidently, with organizations facing fines and penalties of €20 million (US $ 23.3million) or 4 per cent of their worldwide turnover if a breach has occurred, these figures will be a cause for concern for many businesses.

If you have customers that do business internationally, it is likely that they will need to ensure they are compliant with the GDPR. To find out how FollowMe® by Ringdale can help organizations secure their document processes and ensure GDPR compliance, please contact the Ringdale Team.

For more information on how organizations can ensure their print and document management processes are compliant, please download the IDC report on Meeting Data Privacy Compliance.

Data Security Continues to Be a Significant Opportunity for Dealers