Enabling a Solutions Ecosystem to Drive Maximum Value from MPS

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, success in the imaging industry hinges on the ability to expand beyond the core business of printing. With revenue from basic print services on the decline, providers must augment their MPS programs with value-add solutions to drive alternative revenue streams and increase profits. For many, document workflow optimization represents the best opportunity to increase customer spend and realize net new sales through adjacent business opportunities.

Nevertheless, the progression from managed print services to managed document services (MDS) can be challenging. On the business model side, changes in go-to-market strategies and service delivery are only part of the equation. How do we compensate sales people for a solutions sale? How do we develop the technical expertise and infrastructure resources necessary to support various customer needs? At the same time, there are just as many technology issues to resolve. Many service providers have shied away from high-value document solutions and services due to the abundance of software choices and concerns over upfront investment costs.

Fortunately, some equipment manufacturers are making it easier for channel partners by developing complete solutions ecosystems around the MFP. The intent is to help facilitate the delivery of value-add solutions optimized for specific applications and vertical markets. A well-integrated solutions ecosystem can provide plug-and-play capabilities for MPS tools, software programs, and apps in areas such as print and device management, security, document management, and document workflow.

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