Invite In-plants to IPMA 9/27 Prepress and Imposition Webinar

Invite your in-plant customers and prospects to this educational In-plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) webinar, “Improve Your In-Plant with Optimized Prepress and Imposition Workflow,”  on 9/27 1:30 CT|2:30 EDT.

Sponsored by RSA and co-presented with Ultimate TechoGraphics, in-plants will learn some of the latest research about in-plant challenges and prepress software and workflow, and how optimized prepress and imposition workflow will:

  • Reduce costs through automation, standardization and workflow integration·
  • Stamp out issues getting print-ready files into the print center
  • Eliminate touch points, reduce turnaround time and improve output quality
  • Link Web to print and output management with imposition, printing and finishing processes

Open to IPMA members and any in-plant print center, experts will share how in-plants can reduce bottlenecks and improve their in-plant with optimized prepress and imposition workflow. Invite your customers to

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