Automating Business Processes Means Productive Workers, Not Fewer Workers

By Thomas Schneck – There are few topics in the press that generate more heat – and less light – than the role that automation, machine learning, and technology play in either creating or destroying jobs.

Fortune magazine notes:

 “The notion that robots or automation will take on the jobs of millions of people is a nagging source of anxiety for many people … workers ranging from truck drivers—of which there are an estimated 1.8 million in the U.S.— to airline pilots to paralegals to surgeons are already being affected by automation.”

Why should employees embrace rather than resist process automation? Three reasons:

  1. Back-end processes are more exposed than ever before to the customer.It used to be that organizations could hide their shoddy, manual processes from the customer. That is no longer the case. As customers interact with the business digitally, they directly and personally experience what used to be called the “back office.” And if they don’t like the experience, they can take to Twitter and Facebook and let the world know.

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