Forecast calls for a Bright Future in Production Print Software

From Rochester Software Associates

Recently, Keypoint Intelligence | InfoTrends released its latest production print workflow software market forecast, “North American Production Software Investment Outlook: 2018.” The research predicts that global and North American revenue will grow in multiple sectors over the next five years. A lot of this growth is fueled by the demand for more customization, automation, and open and scalable solutions.

The results should come as good news for dealers who are already playing in the production print software arena and should be encouraging to those who are on the fence.

By the numbers

The research firm predicts that the production print workflow market will see some major growth over the next five years, fueled mostly by the need for mass customization and Smart Print Manufacturing (SPM). Globally, the production print workflow market, which was valued at $3.677 billion in 2017, will grow at a CAGR of 7.3 percent to $5.23 billion by 2022. Zeroing in on North America, the $1.476 billion market is expected to ride a 6.8 percent CAGR all the way to $2.046 billion by 2022, which will account for nearly half of the global marketplace.

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