Good Decision Makers

By Jeff Gau, Marco CEO – Most organizations face a crisis of opportunities. Every day, leaders are expected to make many small and big decisions. Some have short-term gains, while others have a lasting impact. They all matter. Good leaders are good decision-makers.

Here are a few keys to success:

  • Rule out a middle vote.
    Maybe is the easiest vote, but it’s ineffective. Take maybe off the table when making decisions in your organization. Challenge yourself and your team to choose yes or no. Then, talk about why.
  • Expect a quick turnaround.
    The time it takes to decide depends on the issue at hand. Easy decisions can happen the same day – or on the spot. When making harder decisions, it’s often best to take a night to sleep on it. Few decisions should take more than 48 hours to make.
  • Let logic drive the decision.
    Focus on the facts and use common sense. This does not mean feelings have no place in decision-making. They do. But they can block logic. It’s the job of leaders to temper feelings and be level-headed. Applying logic can make decision-making easier.

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