66% of SMB’s Believe Print will Still be Important in 2025

An infographic, released by Quocirca this week, highlights some key findings about SMB’s and their views on print.

Firstly, 66% of SMB’s expect print to be important to their business in 2025, a positive statement which appears to be a trend amongst organizations, small or large, questioned by Quocirca this year.

With printing expected to remain important for larger SMB’s in the future, understanding their perceived top print management challenges is key to identifying how to provide assistance to these customers. For US SMB’s the top print management challenges include:

  • Enhancing security at 53%
  • Improving business process efficiency at 52%
  • Reducing consumable costs at 52%

With this in mind, if you are looking to offer a print solution to specifically help customers meet their print management challenges, there is one Vendor-Neutral Secure solution that stands out. It has been awarded the 2018 Pick award from the analysts at Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI) and is trusted by leading financial and government organizations across the globe.

FollowMe® by Ringdale works seamlessly with all major print and MFP vendors and solves the challenges raised by SMB’s in the Quocirca report by providing best in class data loss prevention capability, comprehensive reporting and tracking, as well as a policy-based printing capability.

If you would like to find out more about FollowMe, download the full independent assessment conducted by Buyers Lab (BLI).

This provides a thorough evaluation of the complete FollowMe solution.
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