Software Ownership, Reducing Costs and Adding Value

By Howie Fenton, for RSA – The latest research from In-Plant Graphics magazine is worth looking at. The study is entitled, “Software and Automation Trends in the In-Plant industry.” One of the questions was about software ownership. Respondents were asked the following: if they own the software, own the software and are planning to upgrade, if they don’t own it are considering a purchase, if they don’t own it and have any plans to purchasing, or do they not know. Recalculating the data slightly by combining those that owned the software and disregarding those that don’t know, you come up with the figure below.

Looking at the chart, several interesting things appear for me. Simply looking at the green bars that represent those that own the software, you can see that, after design software, variable data printing software is the second most popular software followed by a tie between Web to print and workflow software.

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