Your Company Image Has a Brand

By Jeff Gau, Marco CEOIf you ask an owner about the culture of their organization, they will always tell you “it’s good,” whether they can validate it or not. As an acquisition company, we know that’s not always the case and get to see firsthand how things really are.

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to create a workplace that attracts and keeps good people and good clients.

This past year, we intentionally branded our culture as the Gold Standard, playing off the color of our logo and sign of excellence. Here’s what it represents: 

  • We get it done.
    It’s more fun being a growth company than a shrinking company. We are performance-driven and we keep score – as it relates to client satisfaction, employee satisfaction and our financial results.
  • We do what’s right.
    No excuses. To us, integrity is a verb. We take trust seriously. We do business with people we trust and know they want the same. I personally teach a course on business ethics to all employees. Just like our clients, employees want to work for a company they can trust, too.

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