Top 3 Things That Cost Me Time As A Leader and How To Overcome Them!

By Lindsay Bohon – Do you find yourself getting to 4PM and thinking “Man, I got a lot done, but where did the time go?”  Do you catch yourself deep in the weeds on a topic, issue, or opportunity and wonder, “How did I get so involved in this?  Is there someone better served to take the lead here?” We all have time wasters in our days. Here are the top 3 things that cost me time as a sales leader, and how I’ve learned to overcome them.

  1. Poor Time Management

Time management might be the hardest thing for a leader. Deciding how to allocate those few minutes of free time can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. Over time, I have become stricter with my daily “to-do” and “will-do” lists.  I look at my day, realistically, and recant what I need to accomplish. I then create a plan to optimize the time I have available. What I, like many leaders, struggle with most is not allowing distractions to derail that plan. On the days that I am disciplined with my time, I accomplish far more than the days where I end up at 4PM, head in palm, wondering where the day went. Though that time was spent working on good things, it may not necessarily be the right things. Here are some ideas to avoid distractions:

  • Work away from your desk. If you find frequent distractions at your desk, find an area in the office where you can step away to be most productive.

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