Start Thinking Like a Chief Human Resources Officer with These 5 Critical Questions

A Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) ensures that HR is a strategic partner in the company, helping align talent to achieve important business goals. HR leaders in small- and medium-sized businesses can adopt best practices from larger organizations to maximize the impact of HR on achieving the company’s objectives. When you’re focusing on building and maintaining the best team for the organization’s long-term goals, consider assessing the situation by asking yourself these five questions.

What talent does the company need to achieve growth plans?

A CHRO focuses on aligning talent — from hiring to retention — with a company’s most important objectives. For example, if a company plans to accelerate its sales efforts, it’s important to build a pipeline of talent with experience and success selling in your field. Defining your plans helps clarify where to invest in your hiring, from developing new sourcing strategies to setting up a more effective applicant tracking system.

Can technology increase team efficiencies?

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