Should important documents be printed? Millennials think so!

A new report by Quocirca, titled ‘Millennials Matter‘ reveals some astonishing statistics about print which may surprise you. As organizations adopt a paperless office strategy, due to some commentators, only a few years ago predicting this to be the future, the Quocirca report indicates the opposite. This report reveals that millennials who are now in working age, and in decision making roles, expect print volumes to increase by 2025, driven predominantly by an increased demand for mobile printing. In addition, 69% agree that important documents should be printed, with 63% believing that printed documents are more durable than digital documents.

With an increase in print volume expected, as well as sensitive, important material likely to be printed, organizations should begin to re-evaluate their current print processes to avoid data breaches occurring due to inadequate technologies and strategies being in place.

Encouraging customers to use a solution such as FollowMe®, by Ringdale will ensure:

  • Confidential documents are not left in the print tray for all to see
  • Confidential data is watermarked to remind the receiver of the sensitive nature of the content
  • Everything in the print queue is monitored with restricted documents automatically stopped from being printed to prevent loss of valuable or confidential information
  • Users authenticate their account via fingerprint recognition, PIN or ID card to access their print job
  • Documents in transit and at rest are encrypted to prevent cyber attackers from being able to read them
  • Mobile workers have access to secure printing whilst on the move

[To find out more about FollowMe and why it is recognized as a platinum rated solution, click here]

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