Are You Using The Vanguard Principle In your Sales Process?

By Katie Lanpher, GreatAmerica – The sales and marketing game has changed. The new digital buyer wants a personalized experience, complete with people and resources that educate them so they can make the right purchasing decision. It’s become less about selling and much more about listening, communicating and, with your help, empowering your prospects to arrive at a solution that is just right for them.

Marcus Sheridan’s Class on World Class Communication really helped me understand on a deeper level how the way we communicate will impact our buyer’s perception of us. His class advised we embrace and get comfortable with any objections our prospects have around the products or services we offer so we do not sabotage our efforts to help them. While Marcus presented several World Class Communication Principles in his class, as someone in marketing who works closely with sales to help market and sell our services and solutions, one of his principles in particular really resonated with me. Today we’ll talk about using the Vanguard Principle to help build the trust your prospective buyers have in your business.

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