Change, Copiers, and Reflections on the Past and Future

By  – It’s no secret that I’m a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, with songs that make you think of warm breezes, sand, sailing, and cool drinks with little umbrellas. As I thought the other day about my career and my own changes in latitudes, my thoughts drifted to technology and change as well. Maybe it was the song, but I began thinking that nothing does remain quite the same as we go about our days.

Two-hundred years ago, cargo was shipped from port to port with a compass, sail, and stars. Today, the goal is still to get from port to port safely with a visit to Davey Jones’ Locker, but GPS and internal combustion makes the journey a lot faster and safer. Weather and currents remain challenges, yet, the goal is the same – safely move cargo from one location to another.

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Unfortunately, the song isn’t quite a perfect analogy, while technology changes and how businesses operate changes (and new industries are created as old ones die), the core business objective of serving your customer doesn’t. Our industry’s technology is constantly shifting and evolving too. But the underlying “attitude” of helping businesses effectively manage their document processes while staying in budget remains the same.

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