What’s Happenin’ At The CopierFax Workplace Hub DOCtoberfest Showcase

CopierFax of Buffalo become the first dealer in NY and possibly the eastern seaboard to publicly display the Konica Minolta Workplace Hub at their open house on Oct. 16 in Buffalo NY.

With about 100 customers on hand to enjoy the crisp fall weather and Oktoberfest vibe, CopierFax put out a great spread of excellent locally crafted beer, German food and the latest in Konica Minolta technology.

Showing the Workplace Hub was a big deal as it’s not even available yet. Very few customers have actually seen it in person. Konica Minolta bills the Workplace Hub as “a revolutionary IT solution that creates the infrastructure for the future by empowering <your> current technology.”

Last I heard, the solution will come in three flavors; a blade device for rack servers, a standalone “server” and a third version physically built into the base of an MFP. This customizable solution can and will be used differently by everyone who buys it. Some will use the secure server capabilities, others may use that while adding on higher levels of security or dashboard functionality. Collaboration tools will also be added to the offering. This is still in the early phases of roll out and it will be interesting to watch as the product family evolves.

It was a successful evening at the DOCtoberfest and a lot of customers had a wonderful time schmoozing with Andrea, Al and David Scibetta, some of my favorite dealers on the planet.

It was great to see everyone and thank you for showing me the Workplace Hub!