Enterprise Content Management Market Disruption Continues With SimpleECM Launch

SANTA CLARA, CA, Apr 29, 2014 — Document Capture Technologies (DCT), a leader in mobile capture devices and innovative productivity solutions, today announced the launch of SimpleECM, a new business that will help bring the capabilities of enterprise content management (ECM) to the masses. The purpose of SimpleECM, as its name implies, is to provide many of the functional capabilities of larger, monolithic ECM platforms through standard application programming interfaces (APIs) and cloud-based services.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.57.47 AMDCT has sold almost 5 million mobile scanners and related technologies over the past ten years. The company recognized and responded to the need for new tools and services to more easily incorporate document capture and content management capabilities into business applications. SimpleECM is a powerful collection of APIs combined with Mobile and Web SDKs that make it easy to build document capture and management workflows into business applications.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 4.16.55 PMUnlike traditional ECM implementations, SimpleECM is built for the cloud from the ground up. It includes APIs for incorporating capture devices directly into web applications, simplifying the user experience. SimpleECM also features APIs for numerous document management functions, such as OCR and form processing, which can be consumed discretely via an on-demand subscription model. Finally, SimpleECM includes normalized APIs for popular classes of business applications such as accounting and CRM — the applications where content has the greatest value.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 12.10.54 PM“Small and medium-sized companies have not always been able to take advantage of the workflow automation and content management tools used by larger companies to increase efficiency,” said Karl Etzel, President and CEO, DCT. “SimpleECM lets application developers and systems integrators deliver these efficiencies to a broader base of customers. Helping small and mid-market enterprises compete with the big guys is what motivates us.”

Common business processes such as updating store inventory can be greatly accelerated by automating the extraction of inventory data from documents like invoices and packing slips. This data can then be input directly to accounting, POS, and ERP systems to initiate workflows and automate manual processes. SimpleECM includes APIs to address every step of the document workflow process.

“The ECM market is transitioning to more ad-hoc, distributed capture, and this coincides with the broad-based shift toward cloud services and mobility,” said Harvey Spencer of Harvey Spencer Associates. “Integrating capture at the front end of business processes delivers the greatest benefit. As more companies realize this value, capture will become an integral part of business processes and workflows.”

Virtually all modern applications require mobile solutions, and the SimpleECM Mobile SDK provides robust capture functionality that extends workflows to the mobile environment. In addition, DCT offers device manufacturers the SimpleECM interop program, which makes third party hardware available to all developers accessing the JavaScript capture API.

About Document Capture Technologies, Inc. Developed by Document Capture Technologies, Inc. (DCT), a leader in mobile capture devices and innovative productivity solutions, SimpleECM ( http://www.simpleecm.com ) enables OEMs, application developers, and systems integrators to provide cloud service connectivity, capture solutions, and workflow logic in their products and services. The API platform is architected to enable web applications and mobile devices to incorporate ECM functionality on a transaction basis, in a familiar development framework. Since 1998, DCT has been developing proprietary software for custom integrations and has supplied nearly 5 million scanning devices worldwide.