Imaging Channel, Some Questions, Some Thoughts, and Some Answers

By  – Why doesn’t the Imaging Channel’s Owners and Leaders pay sales reps 250k salaries with no accountability or quotas?

Why do dealerships have millions in obsolete parts, spend millions on repairs and supplies, have a First Call Efficiencies’ or an FCE rate of less than 72% spend thousands doing Callbacks, spend thousands more on technical staff with very little Owner, or Senior Level executive oversite? Hum, read along and let me know your thoughts.

Let’s talk about the sales rep who wants a 250k salary and insists they have NO Quota. Ok, that would be a short conversation, the sales rep asked, and then you showed them the door and maybe said good luck.

So now let’s talk about the Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in parts you have written off in the past and at the end of this year will more than likely write off more. Maybe you already know how many Dollars it will be this year? A different conversation the reason is simple. The first conversation you had control over you knew paying 250k to a sales rep with no accountability would be insane and prevented it from ever happening, in all reality by your actions and knowledge you prevented that conversation from ever happening.

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