Impact Networking Sales Manager Promoted to Partner

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For Michael Lepper of the Darien, IL branch at Impact Networking, six short years have been extremely rewarding. Today, Impact wishes to offer congratulations to Mr. Lepper for rising to the level of Partner at the company. After graduating from Northern Illinois University in May 2010, Michael wasted no time in joining the Impact team as an Account Manager on May 24th of that year. His talents as a salesperson were immediately recognized, and he received the Rookie of the Year Award in 2011.

Any Account Manager can attest to the tenacity and perseverance required for the position. In the high-risk, high-reward atmosphere of sales, success comes to those who endure day-to-day rejection and setbacks with optimism. Mr. Lepper has been able to succeed in this highly competitive playing field by embracing the Impact model and adopting a long game attitude toward sales and his own professional growth. He has risen to leadership positions by mentoring others and building highly successful teams.

Michael’s abilities have found a home at Impact, and he has been recognized at Quarterly Partner Dinners each year since 2010. His consistently excellent performance as an Account Manager earned him Manager positions at the Darien and Peru, IL branches. Along the way, his effort earned him a spot in the elite Million Dollar Club not once, but twice—in 2012 and 2013. His promotion to Partner at Impact comes as no surprise to the many people who have worked with him. The entire Impact team wishes him continued growth and success, and acknowledges his invaluable contributions to the company as a whole.

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