JOB – Copier / SEO / Marketing Sales; Denver

Do you love FREEDOM?  We have the perfect opportunity for someone who can work hard, perform, but is intrigued by a position where freedom is possible.  What do we mean?  Last year I spend 2 months in Peru, this year 1 month in Poland.  We can’t offer the normal base that other copier companies offer.  We can offer an aggressive commission plan and lots more leads than you’d get from the typical copier dealer.  Are you responsible to hunt your own accounts and make yourself profitable, of course.  Do we offer tools and technologies to make that 100% possible, yes we do.

What we are looking for:

Independant – Self starting and driven individuals.  We don’t spend our time mircro managing.  We believe a professional knows what they need to do and are always improving.

1 hour per day for self improvement reading.  We know as you improve your skills you’ll be more valuable.

Leads – we currently get 5+ per week, you would get most of those to work on + you’d have a chance to upgrade current fleet

Freedom – work in Spain or in Bangor or San Diego.  We don’t care WHERE you are working as long as you can do a great job.  This opportunity works amazingly well for someone who already has some accounts who have a nationwide footprint.

Variety – We sell 4 things – Copiers/Toners, SEO, Marketing Services and Document Management.

High Commissions – We aren’t paying much on a base because we want to have a high and uncapped commission plan so we can attract a true performer.  There is a small base, so it isn’t a full commission plan.

Systems you have never seen at any copier dealership you have ever worked at.

Give us a chance if you believe in yourself and are ready to earn some freedom for yourself.

A dynamic sales rep should be able to clear $60k – $120,000 per year in the first year.

Email resumes to