Katun Helps Sales Reps with Prospecting in the 21st Century

The following blog is from Media Sciences/Katun

A couple weeks ago I posted about LinkedIn etiquette .  Hopefully you’re more comfortable with your social media p’s & q’s as a result. Now, I’d like to show you how to take the next step and be a LinkedIn wizard when it comes to finding new prospects for your business.

Look Credible

The best way to boost your visibility and credibility on LinkedIn is to have a complete profile. Make sure your work experience, education, and skills are updated.  Use the type of descriptors you would expect to find on a résumé (a good résumé, that is) to add depth and impact to your professional accomplishments.  Look at it this way, every sales opportunity is a job interview. Have your online “résumé” ready!

Use Advanced Search

On the very top of the LinkedIn page you’ll see a Search window.  Immediately to the right there is a link that says Advanced.  Do you want to find tons of actual leads in your territory? Go ahead and give it a click.  Welcome to Advanced People Search.  You can search for keywords, position titles, and more within a specific geographic area.  People who are first, second, and third-level connections and group members.  (Remember first-level connections are people whom you already know. You may want to try second-level where you and the target individual have at least one connection in common.) Looking for Procurement Managers within 50 miles of Des Moines who are second-level connections? You’re welcome.

Join a Few Groups

Groups within LinkedIn are a great way to build relationships within a community with common professional interests.  If you work with a particular vertical market, look for groups where you can join and add value for your prospective audience. Being a member of a group affords you the benefit of being able to message fellow group members, even if you are not connected yet. It’s a great way to build your connections.

LinkedIn “CRM”

LinkedIn introduced a new feature last year—the Relationship tab. You can see it next to the Contact Info tab on someone’s profile.  Notes, reminders, a place to record how you met, and tags to help you sort your contacts are all there as a way to help you keep up with details of individuals, as well as target specific subgroups via tags.  Take a look, it’s pretty handy.  Don’t worry, all your notes there are private, so when you need to put “cheapskate chiseler” next to the buyer from Company X, it’s just between you and LinkedIn.

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