Make the Most of Your Day, from Toshiba

An important yet often overlooked skill in business is time management. We all have a lot to do, but why spend 50 hours a week doing the work that should only take you 40? Here are some tips to help you avoid wasting your day.

Schedule it – Scheduling your tasks will improve your efficiency. Studies show that tasks scheduled on a calendar with a specific time to do are more likely to get done.

Prioritize – Rank your ‘to-do list’ from most important to least important, and tackle the hardest tasks first. You have more energy early in the day and getting the heavy lifting out of the way will keep stress at bay.

Unplug – Turn off your smartphone and close your email program. Instead, only check your voicemails, texts, and emails periodically throughout the day; say once an hour. If you have one, shut your office door from time to time to limit unimportant visits.

Take a breather – Get away from your work a couple times during the day. Taking a break will clear your mind and improve your concentration. Make a personal call, go for a walk, surf the Internet, etc. But be sure to use break time appropriately.

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