OKI Provides Fix for Transportation Customer

Business Segment: Transportation

Product: Label

Challenge: Mission-critical label devices were frequently out of commission.  Lack of device service and support increased downtime Print head yield was half of manufacturer promise.

Solution:  Reliable devices with greater print head yield.  Minimize downtime with an industry-leading advanced no-charge overnight exchange warranty

Case Study    


Headquartered in the heart of the Midwest, this automotive logistics
company maintains operations at eight locations spread throughout the
United States, providing packaging, warehousing, transportation and
vehicle logistics services to a host of industries. Each facility employs
state-of-the-art systems to manage processes and inventories, ensuring
high-quality, accurate inventory management. Supporting its systems is a fleet of label devices that they depend on to generate barcode markings for inventory totes. While touring a facility conducting a managed print fleet analysis, OKI and the partner noticed a number of label printers in use, some of which were not functioning. With further discussion it was learned that the company’s existing label printer fleet was not performing to standard.


Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 12.13.12 PMLike most warehouses, this organization’s label printers are mission critical in the management of inventories. Unfortunately, its label print fleet was plagued with problems, resulting in 50% of the fleet being down at all times. Making problems worse, it was difficult to source authorized service technicians, so units that went down would stay down for an extended period of time. This forced warehouse employees to go in search of operational units, slowing the inventory management process. In addition, they were contending with print heads, which are critical for image quality and barcode readability, that were only achieving 50% of their life expectancy. At the volume that this organization printed labels, print heads on each unit needed to be replaced about four times per year. There was a demo exchange program that could be used; however, the cost was too high and it took too long. Instead, the company opted to purchase a backup inventory of printers to help minimize the operational inefficiencies resulting from down devices.


Working with OKI the partner arranged to have 12 demos installed with the promise that the print heads would achieve double the life of the existing devices. Since OKI label devices are deisgned to emulate

other printers’ software, each of the demo units were able to be installed plug-and-play, with no need to install any drivers or change the barcode creation software. What’s more, the customer was provided with a two-year advanced exchange warranty, which not only doubles the industry standard, but also includes overnight exchange service at no charge; if a device goes down, it will be up and running the very next day.


OKI’s label printers were able to reduce warehouse downtime caused by a maintenance-heavy print fleet and less eff

icient service by doubling print head life and delivering an industry-leading no-charge overnight exchange warranty. Following the success of the demonstration units, the partner and OKI are now working to
replace this organization’s entire existing fleet, as well as pursue additional opportunities in partnership.

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