Patriots Pack Rider Involved In Serious Motorcycle Crash

FROM MIKE “PACO” STRAMAGLIO – Hello my friends…. please note I have permission from the family to share this very sad message with you!

As you can see “Doc” is one hell of a rider! He is also a member for The Pack and we Ride for The Jillian Fund every year! In preparing for this years Ride , I am sorry to say Doug Johnson has had horrible crash on his Harley when hit by an SUV!

He is in serious condition and while expected to survive his road to recovery is going to be very hard and very long!

Please send Doug your thoughts and prayers! He is my dear friend and riding brother and I am heartbroken by this!

Doug “Doc” Johnson was riding his Harley from Boise to Arizona to get ready for The Ride for Jillian, leaving Scottsdale on May 16 when he was involved in a very serious accident in Utah.

While he’s going make it, The Patriots Pack and especially Doc’s family and friends had a very tough 48 hours of waiting until we were sure of this.

I’ve posted a bunch of pics of Doc from last year’s ride. We’re glad he’s going to be OK, but he does have a long road of recovery ahead of him and unfortunately, he can’t make this year’s ride.

We love you Doc, get better soon. You will be missed BUT NOT FORGOTTEN!!!

~Andy “Slaw” Slawetsky