PrinterLogic Simplifies Mobile, BYOD and Guest Printing

Here’s a piece from PrinterLogic about their mobile print solution. Enjoy!

Mobile Employees, Contractors and Guests Can Easily Print Without Installing Any Printers

St. George, UTAH – September 23, 2015 – PrinterLogic, the leading Enterprise Printer Management solution, today announced the availability of its new Mobile Printing solution, extending the capabilities of its existing print management platform to enable simple printing from any device, anytime and anywhere. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing enables enterprises to empower their mobile employees to print natively from their devices, while also giving BYOD users, partners and guests the ability to quickly and easily print by emailing their print jobs to a printer. This enables simple printing without the installation of any printers or the need for print servers, and without the need for Airprint or Google Cloud Print compatible printers.

“The number of mobile workers is at an all-time high, meaning more employees need a way of easily and securely printing from whichever office they happen to be working from, from any device, without the headaches of installing new printers each time,” said Jarrett Taylor, Founder and CTO of PrinterLogic. “Similarly, enterprises need a way to enable contractors, partners and guests to easily print – while retaining the ability to control what and how they print.”

Making Life Easier for Mobile Employees

Mobile employees are more common than ever, and enterprises struggle with providing an easy way for those mobile users to print from any office they happen to be in. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution enables mobile employees to print natively from their mobile devices. Benefits for the mobile employee include:

  • No software to install – Mobile employees no longer need to call IT for help installing the printers at each new location they visit.

  • Any device – PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution supports all mobile devices, making mobile printing simple regardless of which device type your employees use.

  • Any printer – PrinterLogic enables users to quickly and easily print from their mobile devices to any network printer, regardless of that printer’s mobile capabilities.

Making Life Easier for BYOD, Partners and Guests

BYOD users, partners and guests traditionally encounter a number of difficulties when trying to print from enterprise offices. Getting authorization to print and installing printers is often a non-starter, and is difficult for both the user and IT. PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution  enables BYOD users, partners and guests to easily print from any device, via simple email-to-print functionality regardless of whether they are on- or off-network. These users simply walk to a printer, enter its dedicated email address, email documents to that printer where it is immediately printed.

Making Life Easier on IT

Enterprise IT departments spend a large portion of their time dealing with print-related requests that stem from challenges around printing. PrinterLogic simplifies printing for those users, which drastically reduces the number of print-related service desk calls IT receives. In addition, PrinterLogic provides a number of added benefits for IT, including:

  • Built-in security – Gives the enterprise complete control over who can print and to which printers.

  • Retain control – Set quotas for how much guests can print, the file types they can print, limit printing to black and white only, and more.

  • Supports any printer – Modernize your printing environment with PrinterLogic’s Mobile and Pull Printing solutions without the need to replace existing printers.

  • Printer-specific release – PrinterLogic’s solution gives employees the ability to automatically release a print job to a specific printer from their mobile device.

Additional Features

In addition to solving the challenges of mobile, BYOD and guest printing, PrinterLogic’s latest release also provides enterprises with several new capabilities. This includes broader platform support, additional security features, and management tools.

  • Android & Chromebook – Support for both Android and Chromebook devices enables enterprises to truly support any device in their print environment.

  • Linux Client – A new Linux client enables seamless printing for thick & thin client endpoint devices while eliminating the need for costly printer mapping and management tools.

  • SNMP-Based Alerts – Proactive alerts can now notify IT of printer issues so that they can fix issues before users complain, enhancing the user experience and ensuring a higher level of availability.

  • Pull Printing – Pull Printing increases the security of enterprise print environments by securely storing users’ print jobs until the user releases the job at the printer. By using PrinterLogic’s Pull Printing and Mobile Printing solutions together, enterprises are empowered with secure mobile printing.

Organizations interested in a demo of PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing solution, or a free trial of PrinterLogic’s complete platform, can contact PrinterLogic here.

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