Remove the headache from mobile printing with the mobile print hub (MPH101) from Muratec

Simple. Secure. Stress Free.

Mobile devices have simplified a lot of things. Thanks to this technology I can simultaneously connect with colleagues on LinkedIn, update my sales pipeline in CRM, receive e-mail notifications and watch Transformers. Thank you, Steve Jobs!!!

So why do I occasionally want to take these technological wonders and smash them into the ground? Trying to perform a simple print from my iPhone and iPad. It sucks!

That’s why we’ve introduced the MPH101 which enables ANY PRINTER / MFP to be mobile seconds.

1. Connect the MPH101 to your printer or MFP.
2. Connect to the MPH101 in your Wi-Fi settings on your device.
3. Open the document you wish to print and select [Print].
4. Go back to watching Transformers.

That’s it! Take the headache out of mobile printing for your customers, not to mention your service department, with the MPH101. Check it out at –

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