The Ride for Jillian – Day 4 Recap Plano TX to Memphis TN

The morning started bright and early for the Patriot’s Pack. The rain moved out just before we geared up. Some quick gas and we rolled into Muratec bright and early.

Muratec had their new label machines set to print Jillian stickers and the staff was all wearing our brown Jillian shirts. Breakfast was served and four Plano police motorcycle officers joined us for breakfast!

After a nice visit, we were off and running, this time with a police escort! Much better to have them in front of us than behind us. Becky Robinson from Muratec joined us for several hundred miles before heading back to Plano. Pushing the limit, the Pack was very low on fuel when we pulled off in the middle of no-where TX. The sign for the gas station was clearly a relic as the station was closed. Several bikes were pulling in while we were there, all in the same predicament.

Gordito siphoned gas from Slaw’s tank and we rolled on to the next station 9 miles away. It was brand new and we were pretty psyched until the owner told us the tanks hadn’t yet been turned on yet! Come on! Another mile away we thankfully scored the sorely needed fuel.

A couple hours later, we rolled into Datamax of Arkansas to see Barry Simon and his crew. Jillian sponsor ACDI was there to welcome us, with Josh Lane himself in the crowd to greet us! Darrell Amy of Dealer Marketing was also on hand. Who knew Little Rock had so many great companies!

What a great visit with Datamax. Not only did they once again donate to the Jillian Fund, but Barb talked to us again about how much it meant to her and her family when we rode her husband’s vest to the Wall in DC last year for her. Not a dry eye in the house.

Before we left, we made Carol’s day when Gordito took her for a ride on his Harley. Check out the pictures of that andlook at that smile!

Time to hit the road, we had to be in Memphis at the end of the day and 180 miles later we finally made it. After checking in and washing up, we went to Scot Berry’s home for some real Memphis BBQ. SO GOOD! It was a wonderful evening with the Berry family, young and oldER. Such cute grandkids!

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be seeing Scott and his team at MCC before hitting the road for Atlanta. We’ve crossed the Mississippi and we’re officially in the east, closing in on DC.

480 miles done today, time to sleep.

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