The Ride for Jillian – Day 5 Recap Memphis TN to Atlanta GA

The Patriot’s Pack and the Ride for Jillian rode into MCC in Memphis bright and early to visit the Berrys and their team. The entire staff was waiting in a lunch area for our arrival. Owner Scot Berry welcomed us with a very nice speech and news that Toshiba had sponsored our breakfast, left us much needed SWAG (charging chords and lip balm…something bikers need!) and MASSAGES for each of the Pack! Unbelievable. After a warming prayer, we ate and visited with these great people.

During breakfast, MCC conferenced in a welcome from their Nashville team through their communications technology. The MCC Nashville  team had been assembled in the other office and spoke to us all through the monitors. Very cool!

After the massages, the Pack gathered with the rest of MCC in an auditorium area where Scot again spoke to listeners, this time about working with MWA and sharing in more detail what The Patriot’s Pack is riding for. Paco spoke on behalf of the riders, thanking them for their generosity.

What an incredible way to start the day. Talk about southern hospitality!

Once we left, the Pack slimmed down to 4 riders as Bert split off to Iowa to head back home.

An incredibly long day, the Pack finally hit their first rain about 100 miles outside of Atlanta (another record for the Pack…no rain til day 5!).

We rode from Memphis to Mississippi to Alabama to Tennessee to Georgia, to Tennessee…to Georgia…to Georgia.

Patriot Dave “GQ” Clearman was riding towards us to meet up and ride into Atlanta with us. About 70 miles out, he found us. Did we stop for him? Nope. In true GQ fashion, he rode us down and fell into the Pack, which kept rolling, now with 5 riders. It was pretty cool, like something out of a movie. We never stopped. Suddenly, we went from 4 to 5 riders.

GQ took us down some super twisty roads. Our hands and butts were tired from the long day and it was late, but we did enjoy that ride in. It was a great stretch of road.

Once at our hotel, GQ busted out the TN medication we had been craving and we passed around a little ‘shine, had some pizza and wings (thanks Muratec!) and smoked cigars to close out a long day.

As we were leaving, a vet from The Big Red One and his family arrived at the hotel. Everyone has a story and this gentleman briefly chatted about his time in Vietnam. Another true hero we met along the way.

By midnight, it was time for bed. We rode about 490 miles and we were wiped. The Pack visits Milner first thing tomorrow, then rides for Charlotte. It’s going to be a rainy day. Send some good weather in our direction!

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