The Ride for Jillian – Day 6 Recap Atlanta GA to Charlotte NC

The Pack was up early again today, this time heading to Milner in Atlanta. Robbie Haverstick came out to great us, waving us in with flags!

Once inside, we had another nice visit with the staff of Milner. This was the third time the Patriot’s Pack has been to this facility and breakfast was waiting when we got there, along with a nice Jillian table set up in the entry area.

It was a quick visit as we chatted with the great people from Milner. Charlie Gibbs popped in for a while and spent some time with us.

With weather alerts coming in of thunderstorms heading towards the region, we said our goodbyes and hit the road. After a quick gas stop, we were on our way, saying goodbye to another Pack member as Lone Star headed back towards Texas.

We started heading north with dark spitting skies overhead and it wasn’t long before our bike GPS systems started spewing out national weather advisories saying there were tornado warnings from Georgia to North Carolina. Just what guys on bikes want to hear!

We stopped again for a break and GQ told us of a friendly “game” he plays with his buddies from home, doing push ups throughout the day. He explained this as he dropped for 20 in the parking lot. For some reason, Gordito challenged Slaw to a contest. Biting off more than he could chew, Slaw easily put Gordito in his place (he also beat him in foosball too later that night). It’s good to be the one writing, don’t you think?

What’s a biker do with impending torrential weather coming their way? They drive like the wind. We hauled a$$ for 260 miles, arriving in Charlotte at our destination literally as the rain came down.

Stuck in our enormous cozy Air B&B in Davidson NC, we had dinner around the corner and came back home for a campfire, cigars and more ‘shine. A great night.

As soon as we finished, we went inside and it began to pour again.

The last two days have been filled with major storms, yet somehow we danced around all of them. We can watch the weather from our bikes and we’ve literally been splitting cells, often missing the rain by minutes or seconds. It’s almost as if someone is watching over us. Jillian?

We’re up bright and early tomorrow as we head to Muratec’s manufacturing plant to see machine tools, textile machines, clean room systems, sheet metal stamping machines and vertical warehousing machines more. Lots of amazing stuff Muratec does that you never knew about. Can’t wait! Then, we’re off to Richmond as we close in on our destination – Washington DC and rolling Thunder.

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