Samsung Million Page Test – 60-PPM Monochrome MFP Hits 1M Pages!

In just under three short months the 60-PPM A3 black and white Samsung MultiXpress K7600GX achieved it’s target – printing and copying 1,000,000 pages. I’m pleased to announce that the speedy rugged copier / MFP has completed it’s main task, finishing its millionth print on October 29, 2015.

This print volume is the equivalent to a customer printing and copying just over 16,000 pages for 60 months, with only ONE emergency service call – a paper jam that I couldn’t remove myself.


Think about that – outside of routine service, which can be planned for through notifications either on the control panel or better yet through the embedded PrintFleet monitoring solution, a customer that has a similar experience as mine can expect this machine to be down for unplanned service ONCE over the course of FIVE YEARS.

There are a lot of variables that impact printer reliability. For example, I’m in an older building and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any issues with dirty power or surges so I used the best power protection I could find – I chose enVision PCS AC power line filters for this job from ESP. This ensured that the machines never once had to deal with any electrical issues and I can say for a fact that I had none.


I wanted to really push these machines so almost all copying and printing was done in duplex mode. About 75% of the volume over the last 3 months was printed VS copied. I used typical 20 lb. paper purchased from in n effort to use what I consider to be the most “typical” copy paper.


I’m also running a million pages through the 240 image per minute scanner (I’m just past 800k) so keep checking back on the progress for this machine as well as the 1 million pages I plan to run on the sister product – the 60-PPM color Samsung MultiXpress X7600GX.

Congratulations Samsung, this is an unbelievable copier / MFP.

~Andy Slawetsky