SAP: MICR Printing with Lexmark

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Source TechnologiesSource Technologies, LLC is an innovative, specialized print solutions company and the nation’s leading provider of desktop magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) printing solutions.

Source Technologies and Lexmark International have partnered for more than 12 years to deliver value-added printing to a variety of industries.

In 1997, Source Technologies and Lexmark entered into an exclusive alliance to provide MICR printing solutions based on Lexmark’s laser printer platform.

Source Technologies solutions for the SAP® environment

ST9720_LeftDistributive check and document printing is crucial to a successful SAP® implementation. Whether printing payroll checks, accounts payable checks or official bank checks, the issues of security and MICR print quality are imperative.

Source Technologies’ MICR printing solutions are built upon the already successful Lexmark printer and are tested and approved for use with mySAP Business Suite® solutions. This out of the box compatibility stems from an ongoing customer development relationship that Lexmark has with SAP.

Source Technologies’ advanced secure MICR printing features, combined with originally manufactured MICR toner, provide SAP users the very best MICR print solution.

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More about Source Technologies MICR Printers

Source Technologies’ MICR print solutions allow organizations to print checks on-demand, therefore: eliminating costly pre-printed forms and documents; providing the opportunity to make changes to forms on-the-fly; reducing postage costs and document waste; and reducing your company’s risk of exposure to fraud.

So, why a Secure MICR Printer?

  • Fraud and Security
  • Datastream Encryption
  • Datastream Tray Lock
  • Audit Trail Reporting
  • Lockable Paper Drawers
  • Copy Count and Jam Recovery
  • Secure Font Management
    Quality MICR Printing Features
  • MICR Guarantee to ANSI/ABA Standards
  • Auto Density Control
  • MICR Toner Sensing
  • Low Toner Warning and Auto Stop
  • Original Manufacturing MICR Toner
  • True 600 dpi MICR Font
  • Character Registration
  • Printer Level Password

The Highest Quality MICR Toner

Source Technologies, in conjunction with Lexmark, is the only supplier who develops and manufactures MICR consumables from “the ground up”.

This process ensures that customers receive the highest quality in MICR printing. Poor quality can result in costly reject charges and delayed processing of the MICR document.

These cartridges start in the manufacturing process as MICR cartridges, not standard toner cartridges. Remanufacturers have to take original standard toner cartridges from the OEM and perform a “drill and fill” operation. This introduces the potential for human error and opens the door to poor print quality. To learn more about OEM MICR toner cartridges for your printer, click here.

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