The Year In Review: The Top 10 Posts Of February

Here we are at the end of another year and it’s time to take a look back on the top news stories.

Posts appearing on this page were the most clicked pieces I ran this year, which is the determining factor for what you see on this page.

Throughout the month of December, we will continue to run down the most popular articles we’ve published this year month by month until we get to the end of the year, at which point we’ll do an overall list.

Good or bad, it’s all here.

February, 2018 (Click Here For January)

Total Page Views: 55,325

10. Xerox Reports Strong Fourth-Quarter 2017 Results; Delivers on Full-Year Commitments (805 Page Views)

9. Xerox shareholders Icahn, Deason urge company to sell itself to rivals (814 Page Views)

8. Xerox Responds to Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason Open Letter (967 Page Views)

7. Konica Minolta Strengthens IT Security Services through Acquisition of Assets of VioPoint, Inc. (1,004 Page Views)

6. What’s Happenin’ at One Canon 2018 (1,398 Page Views)

5. Icahn, Deason urge Xerox shareholders to oppose Fujifilm deal (1,462 Page Views)

4. Japan’s Ricoh weighs impairment charge of up to $900m (1,703 Page Views)

3. Fuji Xerox to Eliminate 10,000 Jobs (1,742 Page Views)

2. Midwestern Multi-Brand Dealers the Latest to Join Xerox’s Growing Channel Partner Program (1,867 Page Views)

1. Sharp Acquires Canon Ricoh Dealer (2,094 Page Views)

Most Popular Articles From January 2018