Three ways that HP is reinventing print for the future workplace

By  – HP Inc (HP) held its Power of Print analyst event in Palo Alto on 1st and 2nd November 2018, marking its third anniversary as an independent company. HP has bold ambitions to reinforce its lead in the market, driven by an innovation-led strategy across all its business lines, which is already paying dividends. FY18 revenue was up by 12% on the previous year, boosted by key developments in operational excellence as well as an improved cost structure.

The road to reinvention
As a market leader in the print industry, HP is uniquely positioned to drive innovation. Its Instant Ink service for the home market has proved successful, with a 20% increase in adoption over the past year. Its plans to increase its market share in the A3 market, through the acquisition of Samsung’s print division, is coming to fruition, with market share standing at 9% today – its target is for 20% by 2020.

What particularly sets HP apart from its competitors is the breadth and scale of its product portfolio which encompasses home, office, graphics arts and 3D printing. The value of this broad portfolio is not only in its diversity, but more importantly the opportunity it provides HP to resonate with the new generation of users as consumer and work lives continue to blur.

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