Toshiba America supply chain investment, cuts $500,000+ through efficiencies

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Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS), Inc., a global leader in helping businesses manage their communications from paper to digital, was looking for a way to modernize the picking process at its distribution center in Memphis, Tenn. and turned to Wavelink’s Speakeasy voice solution to increase efficiency and simplify the process of filling orders, while automating the quality control step.

Having studied various traditional voice solutions in the past, the Toshiba team wasn’t comfortable with the products or the high costs associated with them.

When it was time to do a hardware refresh they wanted to look at the latest software solutions.

Ultimately, the team selected Speakeasy because it “offered everything we were looking for at a very good price. So it was an easy decision to make, and it’s a good thing we did,” said Daniel Sanders, director of distribution at TABS.

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