We’ve Got You Covered, Literally – Y Soft Offering Great Security Program and Blanket

If print services are a critical function in your company, we have you covered. Literally. Learn about our Comfort Blanket program.
When you schedule a call and hear about the YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solutions Platform, we’ll send you a comforting warm blanket,

Take comfort knowing Y Soft has been providing print management and document capture services to global Fortune 500 companies and organizations of all sizes for nearly 20 years. Relax knowing that our Customer First approach means you are always covered. Rest easy with our commitment to continually invest in print services. And, breath a sigh of relief with an integrated platform that makes life easy for IT.

Offer details:

  • The Comfort Blanket program offers a warm, wool blanket to organizations in the U.S. currently using competitive print management and/or document capture services. No purchase required.

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VIDEO YSoft SafeQ Authentication and Print Roaming on HP MFDs