What Most People Wouldn’t Expect About Marco’s CEO

By Melinda Gau, wife of Marco CEO Jeff Gau – There has been a lot written about Marco CEO Jeff Gau. When I first met him through a business executive group, I had developed my own impressions.

Now, as his wife, I got the opportunity to share a few things most people don’t know about him—and probably would not expect, including:

  • He’s super intuitive.
    This may be the main reason why he’s such a great dad, grandpa, husband, friend and leader. He pays close attention to the non-verbals. I’ve never met someone who’s as good at it as Jeff is—both professionally and personally. His intuition allows him to see needs before others do, and he is often the first to offer to help.
  • He loves to cook – and he’s good at it.
    Jeff loves to eat out (especially when there are French fries on the menu), but he also loves to prepare his favorite meals at home. He enjoys hot dish on a TV tray as much as he does a fancy meal at a five-star restaurant.

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