What’s Happenin’ at the Panasonic Road Show 2018!

By Andy Slawetsky – Panasonic is in the midst of a product road and I had the chance to stop by their Huntington Beach CA event on Oct. 11.

Joe Odore and his team were on hand showcasing Panasonic’s wide range of products, including phones, Toughbook computers and of course, scanners.

I also had the opportunity to meet Morgan from Panasonic partner Cranel, who stopped by to check in and visit with customers and resellers.

The event was casual with customers floating in every now and then. There would be a bit of a rush, then some down time where we chatted with the beach just across the street as a perfect backdrop. Much of the event was outside under cover, allowing us easterners to savor the sweet breeze coming off the beach.

Towards the end, the team broke down and packed what was left on the floor. They had a good day, selling over $65,000 from those customer visits. POs and approvals rolled in much of the day and it was clear that once these customers had a chance to see the technology, many of them were ready to buy. In fact, I don’t think any of the scanners were heading back home as they were all sold that day.

Panasonic has more road shows left, beginning with San Antonio on Oct. 18 and Atlanta on Nov. 1. If you’re in these areas, bring your customers in to meet everyone! If you’re not a Panasonic reseller, maybe you should stop by to find out why you should be!

A nice day on the beach with Panasonic. I appreciate the invitation!

Panasonic Road Show 2018 Pictures